Helping geeks detox from technology on the trail with other geeks, tech workers, and entrepreneurs.

We are 5 local chapters in North America

And of course, an online community.
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Who we are for

We are inclusive. All events are for all geeks regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Members must be 18+, but minors are allowed when accompanied by an adult.

We are supportive. Hikers encourage themselves and others. Not every trail is simple, and we all need an emotional, physical, or psychological ‘hand’. We’re there for our fellow geeks.

The story

How many times have you ventured into nature in the past year? For some of us, the last time was that one backpacking trip in Colorado, or the trip-of-a-lifetime you took in high-school or college that’s still emblazoned on your mind. And why shouldn’t it be? Hiking is the gateway to the most beautiful landmarks in the world.

After realizing a few years ago that I would say I love to hike but was doing nothing to actualize it, I moved to Austin, TX. I started hiking on a regular basis during lunch (I work remotely for a tech company), and when I traveled for work, I would find the closest overlook or hiking spot. To this day, I still do. In-fact, I’ve hiked in some of the most incredible places from Maui to Europe.

Working in tech is fun because it challenges the mind, but there’s more to life than gadgets and gigabits. It’s time to supercharge your life with new perspective and energy. Join me on the journey to turn geek life inside-outdoors.