Join us for Adventure Chat Live

What's an adventure chat?

Adventure chats are a popular way for new and experienced hikers to exchange tips, stories, and experiences. The Slack platform allows for members to share links and photos as well as to view histories of our chats.

Join us every third Thursday

To chat (on Slack) about cool places you’ve adventured, talk about places you’d like to go, find hiking partners, and ask questions. We’re a growing nationwide community, and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained from getting together once a month to chat as a group.

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Adventure chat rules

  1. Be respectful, always (violators will be booted).
  2. Use 'reactions' as people share their adventures, pictures, and hiking aspirations.
  3. Show up on time.

What to expect

  1. A moderator will welcome you to the chat promptly at the start time.
  2. You'll get a chance to introduce yourself. Please keep your introduction to a sentence or two.
  3. We'll go around the 'virtual' room, and you'll have an opportunity to share a place you've been (preferably a photo or two), and a place you'd like to go (a link if possible).
  4. Please react to posts from others using Slack 'reactions'.
  5. The moderator may post additional questions to spur conversation.
  6. Towards the end of the virtual event, we'll thank participants in the chat, although you're welcome to stay online and continue to chat (or chat in smaller interest groups).
  7. If you're interested in discussing a particular experience or hike after the chat, please create a slack channel for that hike prefixed with 'ac-'. (ex. ac-french-alps).