Geek Points

Get free gear just for getting involved with HWG (points are worth money). Introducing Geek Points… a way to get both geek and store cred!

Here’s how Geek Points work

Step 1: Log in to your account*, or join up

If you’re a member of Slack, you have an account. Click Log In and recover your password. If your forgot your password, you can have it sent to you).

Step 2: Ways to earn points while logged in…

Points for an approved comment1-
Points for scheduling an approved meetup10No limit
Points for starting an approved group50Maximum once in total
Points for submitting an approved trail guide20No limit
Points for reviewing a product you\'ve purchased1No limit
Points for referring a friend to HWG5Maximum 20 times in total

Schedule a meetup | Start a group | Submit a hike

Your referral URL will appear here when logged in ->

Step 3: Points can be redeemed in the store for merch!

Your point balance: Please login to view your balance

Note: If you try to abuse the point system, your account will be disabled. This is all for fun and awesomeness… not meanies. Also, the Geek Points program may be suspended or discontinued at any time. You’ll still get to spend the points you’ve banked, though. Current point value = $.10 of store credit. No cash value.