Promote your park or park system

Whether you’re a steward or owner of a private, regional, or national park, we can help you promote your awesome wilderness areas.

The audience

The Hiking with Geeks audience is engaged, likes to travel, and is excited to learn about new places to hike, camp, and spend time outdoors.

Specifically, our geeks are 44% female and 55% male with the following age distribution:

How it works

Sponsored content center

You bring the data + tips + meaningful content, we help build out a resource center to share with our audience and the world. Of course, the resources are about your park or park system, and media assets such as photos, videos, etc come directly from you. Similar to what we’ve done for events, guides, and resources for hiking in Austin, Texas, we build out a custom landing page on the Hiking with Geeks website with immersive photography + videos, content, and lead generation forms for people interested in getting more info on a particular park, or planning their trip or hike.

Media assets + promotion

For transportation + lodging + daily fee, we’ll deploy a hiking SLR photographer to your location to build out trail guides, video interviews with park staff, and content features to be promoted on Hiking with Geeks and used for your own promotional materials (brochures, website, social media, etc). This is a great option if you’re looking to freshen up your media assets or create more buzz around trails in your system.

Content promotion

From Meetup groups to banner ads, emails to social media, we’re a fast growing community of over 11k people with a passion for hiking, and interest in and flexibility to travel. We promote your existing web properties and social media sites to the Hiking with Geeks community!

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