Start a Hiking with Geeks group!

What makes a group?

All Hiking with Geeks chapters are volunteer led by people in their local city. If you’re cool with that, keep reading!

So that people know what to expect (especially when visiting from another chapter city), all groups have a similar vibe. It’s something that the members of the community appreciate, so we take it pretty seriously.


You just need to have an idea of what you’d do for your first event, be willing to run at least one event per month, and meet these requirements.

Location requirements

  • Live in one of our prospective cities (we take a look at different statistics to determine where a Hiking with Geeks chapter will be most successful).
  • Have a crew (or meetup) of at least 200 active members in a local organization that would like to receive the Hiking with Geeks charter.

Attributes of an organizer

  • Punctual – Arrives on time.
  • Friendly – Makes everyone feel welcome and included.
  • Helpful – Knows about the area and hiking, and can offer advice and tips.
  • Sociable – Can carry a conversation, and makes sure everyone is included.
  • Articulate – Capable of writing with minimal typos and edits required.
  • Responsive – Responding to comments and Slack messages.

Responsibilities of an organizer

  • Scout locations / times for the hike (you don’t have to know the trail, but please help to keep track of everyone on the trail)
  • Write the description for
  • Take photos at the event and post them afterwards
  • Help everyone feel included and welcome
  • Note any issues with members, and report them back to @ifyouwillit on Slack
  • Respond to questions on and Facebook event pages prior to the event

We’ll help you out

After your city has been confirmed, we’ll create everything for you.

  • We’ll create the meetup group for ya
  • You’ll get promotional flyers / stickers
  • We’ll help promote your events on Facebook, Eventbrite, and local event sites
  • We’ll even send you occasional swag, just for you

If you’re interested in starting a group, we’ll get in touch. Leave your info here!